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jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016

Bringing together physical and mental health. A new frontier for integrated care . The King´s fund

Chris Naylor, Preety Das, Shilpa Ros, Matthew Honeyman, James Thompson, Helen Gilburt    

March 2016   

A new frontier for integrated care.

Mechanisms through which physical and mental health interact

Social determinants    

eg, poverty, social isolation, discrimination, abuse, neglect, trauma, drug dependencies    

Physical health

• Mental health impact of living with a chronic condition    
• Psychiatric side efects of medication, eg, steroids    
• Direct efects of hormonal imbalances on mental health    
• Increased risk of dementia among people with diabetes/cardiovascular disease
Mental health    

• Physical health side efects of psychotropic medication,eg, raised risk of obesity    
• Direct efects of chronic stress on the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems    
• Direct efects of eating disorders or self-harm, eg, electrolyte imbalances    
• Higher rates of unhealthy behaviours,  eg, smoking or excessive alcohol use    
• Reduced ability or motivation to manage physical health conditions    
• Less efective help-seeking    
• Barriers to accessing physical health care,eg, as a consequence of stigma or 'diagnostic overshadowing'   

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